Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Mini Sketches - September 2017 series

September is my birthday month, so I prepared 20 mini sketches to be releasing every day at 3PM EST in my store, from September 11th until September 30th (that's my birthday!). These little sketches are especially dedicated to any low-fund collectors, who drool over all that amazing artwork that we all follow, but can't afford bigger and more expensive pieces. 

They can be found daily, along with anything new I make, at

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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

ZELYSS ORIGINALS: 'Crabby Meow (mini 10)'

Available at:

ZELYSS originals: 'My scars are pretty (mini 9)'

ZELYSS originals: 'Princess (mini 8)'

ZELYSS ORIGINALS: 'Bloom (mini 7)'

ZELYSS originals: 'I carry stars (mini 6)'

ZELYSS originals: 'Death Trap (mini 5)'

'Sad Mariposa (mini 4)'

'Dreaming (mini 3)'

Available at:

Mini 2: 'Blossom Bite'

Mini 1 : 'Butterfly Catcher'